characteristics results units
Molecular mass 86.47  
Boilng point -40.8 째C
Critical temprature 96.2 째C
Critical pressure 4.99 MPa
ACGIH threshold limit none %
Heat of combustion 22 MJ/kg
Atmospheric life 11.9 Years
Ozone depletation potential 0.034  
Global warming potential 1700  
Minumum purity 99.9 %
Maximum water content 0 PPM
Nom-condensable in Vapour    
phase (as: HCI) 1.5 Val%
Chloride   Nill   PPM    


ChloroDifluromethane or difluromonochloromethene is a hydro chloroflurocarbon (HCFC). it is better know under its code name of HCFC-22, R-22 Genetron 22 or Freon 22. it is a colorless, volatile liquid with a sight ethereial and faint sweetish odor and is made of non-flammable material


  • Refrigerant
  • Low Temprature solvent
  • Manufacture of Resins, PTFE


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