Mission Statement

The consistency and quality of the gases and chemicals we supply are also vitally important.
Our product portfolio extends far beyond gas molecules, however. We back up our extensive gas offering with equipment, materials and hardware supporting everything from welding & cutting to cooking & chilling. You will also find top-to-toe protection for your workers from our vast portfolio of Personal Protective Equipment.

Today Seltrade serves millions of customers annually with a very large infrastructure comprising of huge storage capacity in LPG & Cryogenics, Filling Plants, and Distribution fleet of 100+ trucks for bulk and packages gases.

Mission and vision

Having a local service and support operations, AMA is able to strengthen Balancing Machine customer base by attending to customer issues immediately. Services AMA Est offers to Balancing Machine customers:

  • Installation
  • Training
  • Commissioning
  • fter sales support
  • Calibration and annual maintenance