Heat Transfer Reduction:
<1% as applied for heat transfer
Salt Spray ASTM B-117:
Passes 2,000 hours as primer-finish.
Passes 3,000 hours with UC-5500 topcoat.
Dry Heat:
Withstands 200°F with excursions to 250°F without
Dry Cold:
Withstands −40°F without damage
Flame Spread Test ASTM E-84:
8.4 on a scale of 0–100 (oak
wood = 100)
Impact Resistance ASTM D-2794:
Direct >25 in/pound
Indirect 13 in/pound




VR-514 is a thin film,

Air dry phenolic with excellent resistance to corrosive fume atmospheres and is particularly good in marine and salt air environments. VR-514 coatings are easy to apply and exhibit superior durability, excellent adhesion and good flexibility.